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Ingenious Framework

Ingenious Framework is the ultimate .NET software stack for building next generation, open-world software applications using a uniquely simple and easy to use syntax for building, storing and accessing RDF triple data (the data format harnessed by the semantic web).

For a simple example of how easy Ingenious can be, see our Documentation.

Not only a serialization library for RDF, Ingenious offers a complete intelligent data access layer coupled with a lightweight MVVM (Model View View-Model) library based upon the popular Caliburn Micro framework to give you all you need to start using the semantic web natively in your .NET applications - using modern best practices.


  • Unique and easy to use syntax for handling semantic web/RDF data in your applications (just see our Documentation for a very quick example of how easy it can be).
  • Flexible storage - store your data in-memory, or in a number of popular databases (including the open source JSON based Mongo DB, or Raven DB databases). No need for expensive data servers to get your project started.
  • Type mapper for POCOs (Plain Old CLR Objects) permits you to use your current data storage classes with RDF without special migration code - allowing you to decouple of your data layer from Ingenious (or, for those who prefer the lingo, use true best practice Repository Pattern).
  • Delay-loaded node framework means the ultimate in efficient loading of data from your storage provider. Only load data 'on-demand' as it is required by your processing code, or WPF data binding.
  • Targeted at allowing true MVVM (Model View View-Model) design pattern with RDF. Template your application automatically according to the underlying semantic web/ontology type.
  • Use familiar LINQ style query notation to manage querying a model using SPARQL.
  • Easily serialize/deserialize your data to and from popular RDF formats such as RDF/XML and Turtle.
  • Ultra fast access to common semantic web dictionaries (ontologies) through BOWL (Binary Web Ontology Language) and LINQ to OWL.
  • Open Source license - so if you are making your project open source, Ingenious costs nothing.

New to RDF? See our popular, highly acclaimed tutorial series on our website:

Note: Ingenious is currently in early stage and is not yet for functional use. Please check back frequently for new releases. For using Ingenious in commercial products, a separate commercial license will be available on release of version 1.0 to enable you to publish your software without the requirement to release under the GNU license.

Ingenious is currently in alpha stage but is under constant development. If you wish to get ongoing updates please visit our website,

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